Who We Serve - Institutional

Construction for Schools and Religious Facilities Needs Special Care

When you build or renovate a school, you're creating housing for precious property - our young people. When you construct or renovate a church, synagogue or other religious facility, you're building a home for humankind's highest aspirations. Perhaps sustainable design and LEED's certification is important. Your structure must provide ample natural light, easy access, adequate facilities, and flexible spaces that protect and inspire its occupants and visitors. It must provide flexibility in layout and power capability to meet whatever needs arise or changes are required by the school or religious communities.

School Construction . . . Every “i” Must Be Dotted

Nothing can be left to chance when so many depend on your school building. That's why you want to have a Chicago-based construction team that's familiar with the challenges involved in these types of school building projects and experienced in addressing every detail of site selection, materials choices, power issues, and permit acquisition. You need a partner who can work effectively and cooperatively with your committee members.

Institutional Buildings . . . Every “t” Must Be Crossed

When you work with ICA, you never need to worry about the details. Our expertise is helping administrators of institutions navigate the process smoothly. We deal with every nuance of the building process for schools and churches--from site selection, to materials choices, to the complex process of permit acquisition. You get your vision brought to life - on the promised schedule and at the promised price.