Who We Serve - Municipalities

Municipal Construction Must Be Quality-Oriented and Value-Conscious

When you seek out a construction team to handle your municipal building project, you need a Chicago construction company that knows how to walk the fine line between finding the low bid and getting quality performance--a construction team with a reputation for quality that also knows how to obtain reasonable pricing.

Your construction team must know how to work within your municipality's requirements and be aware of your accountability to the public at every step - from the bid process through execution to occupancy. Your construction team must know how to sift through the maze of subcontractors to get the ones that are right for your community center, police, or village project.

You need a team that knows how to deliver on your every need, meet projected schedules, and keep the budget in line. Talk to us at ICA. We've got the details nailed for your municipal project, no matter what the size, no matter what the intended use. Bring us your requirements, and we'll put our experience and expertise to work to bring your vision to life - and you can rest easy.